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Sulabh Sexalaya: A way inward



The legalisation of prostitution is driven by demand, by the demography of our democracy. The present powerful Indian government claims to reap from 3 Ds: DEMOCRACY, DEMOGRAPHY and DEMAND. Lets analyse it from angle of the recent debate on the legalisation of prostitution. Is the law a way forward? Is it for millions involved in this livelihoods ? Is it only a legal problem?

 This democracy separates girls and boys right from 5th standard, at least in thousands of schools. A boy receives a punishment to sit between two girls for his indiscipline, which he sometimes enjoys . The third language here is neither Sanskrit or German but silence (What are you doing with boys/girls ?). In railways women are separated in the ladies compartment, so that they can be away from the men. Barriers are created to stop a simple normal conversation between genders. The demand for many un-felt emotions increases with less supply of gender equitable spaces. Even if somehow these alienated souls meet, they don’t find a space in society to stabilise their excited hormones, which are close to make reproductive organs vestigial.


So, what can be done? How to preserve the magnificent art of Khajuraho and all the asexual marks with pure words in men’s public toilets? A few good men have diverted all their creativeness while painting, drawing, scribbling in the endangered aromatic public toilets. The changing times have gradually replaced Kamasutra to Jugaadsutra. Jugaad is a hindi word which means to innovate in a cheap way. In hindi heartland of UP and Bihar, it is also used to ask a girl to sleep with you. Raat ka Jugaad ho sakta hai kya !! How to harness this energy ? The energy spent finding a jugaad: room of a friend, a bush in the park, a space in library where most of the senior citizen always pass by trying to laugh, read, do yoga , can also be used to help INDIA to become a superpower!

 An urge to fornicate and be fornicated is imbibed in all 3Ds, excluding people who are asexual. The space in Indian society is in fact more fertile for homosexuals who can hold their hands in public and stay in one flat or shack. The eyebrows and sometime bamboos are raised when the unmarried couples try to find a space for their urge.

 Just like our sulabh shauchalaya runned by upper caste contractors chewing paan, who hire again the lower income groups to do the cleaning, a space can be created. But the question is will they also agree to do this noble act of purity, letting people do karma, and don’t expect the fruit, supplying contraceptives, letting people do what they want to do in a private room with their personal parters in the public institution of Sulabh Sexalaya.

We are talking about a space which can charge to clean bedsheets and supply contraception at minimum cost. Maybe they can use an aadhar card to monitor whether one had sex at least once in a week, and SMS them to come, maybe once in a month. This Democracy needs a Referendum on it!

With pressure on RBI already high, as the public sector banks are making crores of non performing assets by giving protection to corporates, at least this institution can give protection to performing people and reduce the physical deficit.


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