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Editorial Policy


We expect an individual to write on the basis of facts and objective data, but that does not mean that the person will not express emotions with it. The subjective part does reflect on the writing from where the person comes from. We try to include writers who have different background, in terms of upbringing and education.


With socio-economic policies all over the world, there is rise of inequality at unprecedented rate. Citizens are not able to demonetize their life as it is heavily depended on market. Appealing to the worst side of human nature, leaders across the world are deepening the nature of unequals, making them invisible, quarantining the very mother board as virus in their new start-ups and apps. We intend to raise the voice from these margins of econocide.

These inequalities have different forms. There is no question of which will come first as priority as it differs from person to location. From local to global level, we should be in solidarity with  anyone fighting against any of these inequalities:

  • Social (caste/race) & Economic
  • Gender
  • Ecological ( where consumption is the core existence of human being)

News/ Opinion

In the era of 24*7 news, we focus on not breaking the news, but joining them in the narrative, which can have intersection in different domains. Our focus is mainly on the opinions of university students, workers and farmers.

Politics and Geography

Everything is political and so is everyone. We don’t see politics separate from economy, society or technology. Media is more focused on the region where capital resides, and they miss out other region in their national coverage. We try to bring opinions in geographical equitable form.

Digital and Print

All spaces are important. We will claim our space, as much as possible, through all forms of communication which is feasible.

Partnership without Advertisement

We are looking to partner with collectives based on issues on which they are working on, without compromising on the content.

Coherence and Political Correctness                                                              

We are not only looking for coherent form of writing or political correctness. It can be random event, a daily life of random individual or community. We are looking to squeeze politics out of daily life and communicate.


Economic models relies on numbers and quantification, and where output is calculated in terms of maximum value. Fortunately or unfortunately, not everyone and everything is quantified. And we are better than an integer. We focus on social efficiency.

Content Focus

  • Social Movement
  • Unions
  • Collectives
  • Producers
  • Spectacles