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Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU) ranking in NIRF


National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) has declared the university ranking for the year 2017, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore comes first and Jawaharlal Nehru University comes second on the list of its ranking.

From Gujarat model, only two universities are able to make their room under the ranking of 100, namely Anand Agricultural University and Nirma University. Last year number of the university from here is four and what is more shocking is that not a single university from the last year are able to maintain their place. Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Central University of Gujarat, Gujarat University, and the Maharaja Sayajirao University Of Baroda -Vadodara is four universities that are on the list last year.

Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU) is a hub of education in Vadodara city and Gujarat state get 76th rank last year with a score of 53.14 and this year it is in between the ranking of 150-200, This University is one of the oldest educational institutions in India. It established in 1889 as a Baroda college and in 1949 it becomes a university, since then it provides its services to the students and produced a number of assets for the country including Noble prize winner Venkatraman Ramakrishnan.

According to Ayush Kumar who is master year student of Political science said that, “Our universities ranking is declined because the administration is not acting properly and not doing their job rightly, no new appointment are done in the post of professors that are vacant and half of the professors are temporary, the temporary professors are on one year contract and if their contract is not renewal then they have to leave the university, because of this only students has to suffer, this has to be stopped and management has to fill all the vacant places if they want to make our university great again.”

One other student Saral Patel a senior master student of Journalism state that “Our university really needs changes in some areas and also students has to become more serious on the issue of education, we see that some students are chilling out all the time like we see in the films and not taking the study seriously. In some faculty’s attendance is not compulsory because of that they are easily qualified to give their exams but without attending classes how someone scored in the examination?

In my opinion, the appointments are taking place in our university is highly politicized, places are vacant for so many years, some also says that students do not come to class regularly, so make attendance compulsory why are we so liberal on the issue of attendance? The politicization of the university is the only reason for our failure this must be stopped. Says professor, department of Gujarati Bharat Mehta he is an author of 32 books, he also returned his literary award to the state government at the time of award wapasi movement.

All know that university has its own inner politics and because of that not only students but our future also suffers. Recently Gujarat governor O P Kohli cleared the Gujarat State Higher Education Council Bill which was introduced last year and passed in the assembly at that time when the all opposition members was suspended by the speaker. This Bill will bring all universities of the state under the range of the higher Education Council and grab the autonomy of the universities; the Council will be chaired by Chief Minister and state education minister. The government should know one thing that “Bureaucracy can’t teach,” but researcher and educators do and for educational reform allow teachers or professors to do to what they already know how to do.


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